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Monthly Archives: May 2022


Child Custody Problems In Loudoun County: Dealing With Different Parenting Styles

By Schwartz Kalina, PLLC |

Parenting children is rarely easy. Couples may feel differently in regards to parenting styles and discipline. This has the potential to cause major problems, particularly in regard to child custody arrangements. Our Leesburg child custody attorney explains common issues that can arise and may prompt changes in your parenting plan. Three Common Types of… Read More »

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How Gaslighting Impacts Marriage And Getting A Divorce In Leesburg

By Schwartz Kalina, PLLC |

Gaslighting involves making someone think they are crazy and causing them to question what they know is true. It is a common type of manipulation and if your spouse is guilty of it, it may have been one of your primary reasons for ending your marriage. Unfortunately, gaslighting can continue during divorce. Our Leesburg… Read More »

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How To Get A Legal Separation In Virginia

By Schwartz Kalina, PLLC |

Even if there are serious problems in your marriage, you may be reluctant to file for a divorce. There are numerous reasons why a couple may opt for a separation instead. Unfortunately, there is no official process for getting a legal separation in Virginia. Our Leesburg divorce attorneys explain some of the options that… Read More »

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Maintaining Your Marital Standard Of Living When Getting A Divorce In Loudoun County

By Schwartz Kalina, PLLC |

During your marriage, you may have gotten used to living a certain type of lifestyle. One of the challenges in getting a divorce in Leesburg is preparing for some of the changes you are likely to face. Alimony payments help in making this adjustment. Find out how the court determines your marital standard of… Read More »

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