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Leesburg Divorce Attorney > Blog > Child Custody > Six Common Issues In Virginia Child Custody Cases

Six Common Issues In Virginia Child Custody Cases


Child custody is one of the most common causes of disputes in a divorce. Even once a child custody plan is in place, there are problems that can arise and make the situation difficult for both you and your child. Our Loudoun County child custody attorney shares six issues that often arise in these cases and your options in resolving them.

  1. Communications Issues Between The Parents

Going through a divorce is difficult. Problems that arise during your marriage are likely to have resulted in hard feelings between you and your former spouse. While it is natural to want as little ongoing contact with them as possible, being parents requires you to communicate regularly.

To avoid potential problems, set some ground rules up front. Specify whether you are more comfortable talking on the phone, via text, or through email. Avoid using your child to relay messages or otherwise involving them in disputes.

  1. Different Rules In Each Parent’s Home

Different parenting styles and ideas regarding how children should be raised may have been a major problem in your marriage. After your divorce and in implementing child custody in Loudoun County, try to find some common ground.

Psychology Today advises that it is generally in the best interests of children to follow the same type of schedule and have similar expectations in both parent’s homes. Rules and routines should be established in advance, preferably when creating a parenting plan.

  1. Unexpected Changes In Plans

Unexpected circumstances are bound to arise, particularly when raising children. Try to foresee future problems that may come up and have a back-up plan ready. If it is something that happens on a regular basis, it could warrant changing your parenting plan.

  1. Being Chronically Late For Visits

There are few things more infuriating than having to deal with someone who is chronically late. Determine whether better planning may help in addressing the problem or if it is a type of passive-aggressive behavior designed to penalize you or otherwise elicit a negative response.

  1. Missing Visits Entirely

Once a child custody order in Loudoun County is put in place through the courts, both parents are required to follow it. If the other parent is routinely late or misses visits, it could have a negative impact on your child and could result in a loss of their parenting privileges.

  1. Questionable Behavior On The Other Parent’s Part

Under the Virginia Code, the primary concern in creating child custody arrangements is ensuring the child’s best interests are protected. If the other parent engages in any type of behavior that is questionable and could put the child at risk, notify our Loudoun County child custody attorney immediately.

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When creating child custody arrangements and enforcing orders already in place, Schwartz Kalina, PLLC. helps to ensure both you and your child are protected. For trusted legal guidance, call our Virginia divorce attorney or contact us and request a consultation today.




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