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Preparing For Divorce Mediation In Loudoun County


There are important matters pertaining to money, property, and children which must be resolved prior to getting a divorce in Loudoun County. Unfortunately, disputes between the parties involved and an inability to reach mutual agreements on these matters can drag out divorce proceedings for long months. Rather than allowing this to happen, the judge may require the divorcing couple to attend mediation. Divorce mediation in Leesburg can be a valuable tool, helping expedite the divorce process, saving the couple involved both time and money.

Important Matters To Discuss In Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is frequently used by judges to resolve issues in Leesburg divorce cases. Under the Virginia Code, a mediator is an impartial third party who facilitates communication between the parties involved with the goal of reaching mutually beneficial agreements. The following is a checklist of topics to discuss:

  • Division of marital property, assets, and debts: Marital property must be divided on an equitable basis during your divorce. This includes homes, cars, household furnishings, money in bank accounts, investments, and retirement benefits. You will also need to divide any marital debts owed.
  • The rights to spousal support: If one of the parties makes considerably less than the other or sacrificed their own career or education for the sake of the marriage, they may be entitled to spousal support.
  • Child custody: Physical custody of children is addressed in divorce mediation, as is legal custody. This involves the right to make decisions regarding matters such as the child’s education or religious upbringing.
  • Child support and expenses: Child support and other financial issues, such as paying for health care and school expenses, should be addressed.

Maintaining The Right Attitude Towards Divorce Mediation In Lessburg

While mediation focuses on you, your spouse, and the mediator, our Leesburg divorce attorneys will also be present to help guide you through this meeting and to ensure your rights are protected. The same as with any proceeding held through the Loudoun County Court, it is important for you to respect the process while being aware of limitations. Attitudes that can help make your mediation session a success include:

  • Ability to show restraint: Refrain from angry outbursts, which will likely reflect poorly on you.
  • Willingness to personal grudges aside: While part of you may want to get revenge against your former partner or make them suffer, you will need to put this attitude aside in mediation.
  • Being reasonable: You stand a better chance of being successful in mediation if your demands are reasonable.
  • Willingness to compromise: Recognize that you may have to be flexible on certain matters.

Let Us Help You Today

When going through divorce proceedings in Loudoun County, which often include mediation, you can count on Schwartz Kalina, PLLC. to act as a strong legal advocate on your side. Our goal is to help you get the maximum amount in any settlements or final divorce orders. Call or contact our Leesburg divorce attorneys online and request a consultation today.

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