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Leesburg Divorce Attorney > Blog > Child Support > Child Support In Virginia: Common Types Of Covered Expenses

Child Support In Virginia: Common Types Of Covered Expenses


Raising a child is expensive. If you are separated from the other parent or in the process of ending your marriage, one of the top priorities is ensuring your children are provided for in the aftermath. Obtaining a child support order in Loudoun County is the most effective way to ensure you get the appropriate amount and that payment is made. Our Loudoun County child support attorney explains more about the process and common covered expenses.

Getting A Child Support Order In Virginia

According to the Institute for Family Studies, the average cost of raising a child in Virginia is close to $250,000. This only covers their basic needs and leaves out college, buying them a car, expensive sports or recreational activities, and other added expenses.

For single parents and those going through a divorce in Loudoun County, having the other parent pay their fair share helps ensure your child has all they need to thrive. Child support arrangements are included as part of Virginia divorce proceedings or, when the parents are unmarried, may arise once paternity has been established.

Under the Virginia Code, there are strict guidelines for child support based on your income and the number of children you have. Other factors a Loudoun County Family Court judge is likely to consider include:

  • The individual property and assets each parent owns;
  • The amount of time the child spends in their home;
  • The amount needed to maintain the same type of lifestyle the child would have otherwise enjoyed if the parents were still together;
  • Any special needs or expenses the child has.

Common Expenses Covered By Virginia Child Support

While some parents attempt to negotiate child support payments on their own, getting a formal child support order issued by the Loudoun County Family Court is preferred. It helps to ensure you get the maximum amount your child needs and allows for enforcement efforts to ensure any outstanding child support amounts are paid. Common types of expenses typically covered include:

  • Basic living expenses, including a portion of housing, food, clothing, and personal care costs;
  • Educational expenses, including school supplies, laptops or other electronics, lab fees, tutors, school uniforms, and private school tuition;
  • Medical expenses, including health insurance, doctor visit copays, immunizations, yearly physicals, medications, specialized treatment, and dental and vision care.

In some cases, child support can also help offset the high costs of tuition for some students and associated expenses, including the cost of college entrance exams and application fees.

Request A Consultation With Our Virginia Child Support Attorney

The cost of raising a child is expensive and can be overwhelming to single parents and those getting a divorce in Loudoun County. Getting a formal child support order helps ensure your child has what they need. Schwartz Kalina, PLLC provides caring support and trusted legal guidance throughout the process. To request a consultation with our Virginia County family attorney, call or contact us online today.





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